Warm Up/Test Event - Cycling Aviator

25th Mar 2017

Spring is sort of here, well the clocks shift tonight which I always feel is a good thing. Plus we've had some days recently that wouldn't be out of place in summer, shame I seemed to be at work for all of them. I've been able to do a few longer rides on N+1 since those very nervy short local ones, and they have served well to shake out the niggles, of which there were very few.

With now having confidence in my bike building ability, and the worst of the horrid winter weather on the wane, the Mason Definition is now the go to bike. Outdoors at least, inside the Shed of Sweat and Pain the Cannondale remains bolted to the trainer, but with the London Revolution event approaching fast I'm happy that the Mason is up to the job. Whether I am, is yet to be seen.

Having never done a 'proper' sportive before I felt it prudent to do one before the big May event, as I'm going to be nervous enough as it is without the extra uncertainty of how to deal with the logistics beyond just turning the pedals. As such I am writing this from a Travelodge near Newmarket as I am doing the Spring Saddle 75mile sportive tomorrow.

Hopefully it will get all the 'how do I check in?" and "what do I do now?" type issues out of the way so I can turn up at Lea Valley in May like an old hand. Time will tell.

It should also serve as a gauge to see how close I am to being able to complete nearly 200 mile over two days. I have done nearly 75 miles before but that was on the  relatively flat Hullbridge, Canewdon, Wakering & Hadleigh loop close to home, whereas tomorrow has over 3000ft of going upness attached to the distance.

I'm sure it'll be fine. He says in a very small unconfident voice.

On the subject of firsts, I'm actually sharing the room with said bike as I wasn't happy leaving it in the back of the car, and although it's not the most salubrious of hotels I felt I should check with reception. Not only did it barely register on the scale of things she cared about but the look I got suggested blokes have taken worse things to the rooms.

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